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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Momma said light the way for them...

You are in a cave. It is terribly dark and cold, but you are able to maneuver your way through the tight squeezes and climb over the rocky cliffs, thanks to your trusty head light! You have been climbing and walking for miles it seems and finally enter a huge room. Turn off your headlight. It is dark. The darkest place in the world, underground and completely absent of all light. You cannot even see your fingers in front of your face. Now, I want you to try to get out of here, without your light. I want you to find the right path and make all of the right turns without your light. Can you do it?

Our job as parents is to be the light in our children's lives. We are to shine the way for them in these dark places.  If our children are walking through this world blinded, that responsibility lies with us. It is simply impossible to make it through this life without any sense of direction or purpose. I want you to turn on your headlight and be that light in your children's lives. I want you to take them by the hand and hold them by the heart. I want you to show them the right path and do everything in your power to lead them there. It is true, ultimately the decision lies with them as to where they want to go in this life, but if we show them that there are choices, there are possibilities beyond their wildest dreams, then we have done our job. Children thrive on direction. They want to know that we support their path in life. They want to know that this is a path worthy of walking. Be the light in your child's life. Be the force that leads them. Be the hand that helps them. If we choose to shine for our children, the flame we ignite in them will be seen for miles. Our love and support will be their beacon of hope. And even if they stray from the path, they will always be able to find their way back home.

Momma Ash

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